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We are in the business of Korean used cars from year 2002. With plenty of experience and specialization in the field, we at roadmatecar.com unfailingly provide ideal space to our esteemed clients for buying and selling of used cars.

If you are looking for used cars for sale then you will be delighted to discover the matchless collection of diverse cars of different brands as well as models. However, you need not browse through several pages to search for your favourite brand or model.

Simply submit the details of brand, model, year of making and class of the car at specified areas and obtain the suitable list of used cars for sale in no time. With so much convenience, you can save lots of time and effort while making a purchase of Korean used cars for sale.

Our services are available for both domestic market as well as international clients who seek to invest in Korean cars. We provide end to end solutions for purchase of used Korean cars to customers from any part of the world.

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STOCK ID Maker Model Class YEAR Transmission Price
RM-S-D-191209-S1 SCANIA DUMP TRUCK 25TON 2003.1 manual USD 12,000
RM-K-191126-H1 KIA BONGO III 1ton super cab 2012.12 manual USD 4,200
RM-K-191118-H1 KIA BONGO III 1ton freezer top 2015.12 manual USD 15,000
RM-H-191023-H2 HYUNDAI AVANTE AD Gasoline 1.6 GDI mo... 2017.12 Automatic USD 9,000
RM-H-191023-H1 HYUNDAI e-MIGHTY freezer top 2011.12 manual USD 22,000
RM-H-190926-H1 HYUNDAI PORTER II(H-100) super cab std 2010.12 manual USD 4,200
RM-H--H-190815-1 HYUNDAI GRAND STAREX(H-1) 12P CVX Luxury 2016.1 Automatic USD 15,000
RM-H-190813-H4 HYUNDAI GRAND STAREX(H-1) 12P CVX Value 2009.4 manual USD 5,500
RM-H-190813-H3 HYUNDAI IONIQ ELECTRIC Q 2017.12 Automatic USD 15,000
RM-H-190813-H2 HYUNDAI IONIQ ELECTRIC N 2017.2 Automatic USD 15,000
RM-K-190813-H1 KIA SOUL 20. 2U 2017.3 Automatic USD 14,500
RM-R-190808-H1 RENAULT SAMSUNG SM3 SPECIAL EDITION 2017.5 Automatic USD 11,000
RM-K-190703-H1 KIA BONGO III 1ton freezer top 2016.12 manual USD 14,300
RM-K-190801-H2 KIA K3 all type 2013.5 Automatic SOLD OUT
RM-K-190801-H1 KIA K3 all type 2015.12 Automatic USD 6,000
RM-H-180622-H1 HYUNDAI AERO TOWN all type 2005.1 manual USD 8,000
RM-K-180329-1 KIA THE NEW K5 LPI DELUXE 2015.1 Automatic SOLD OUT
RM-K-190522-1-K5-1 KIA THE NEW K5 LPI SMART 2015.1 Automatic USD 6,200
RM-K-190522-1-K5-2 KIA THE NEW K5 LPI SMART 2015.1 Automatic USD 6,200
RM-K-190522-1-K5-3 KIA THE NEW K5 DELUXE 2015.1 Automatic USD 6,200
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